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Grass Residences have got three residential  towers which lie on 3.6 hectares of land. It has a wide and spacious parking lot which is in two buildings with two hundred and two parking slots. Grass Residences have got several inbuilt elevators. In the first tower, there are six elevators. In the second tower, there are four elevators while in the third tower there are four elevators too, all meant to serve residents.

While within grass residences, your safety is guaranteed. As a security measure, grass residences have in place, a ten feet tall perimeter wall covering the whole area. In case there is a problem with power output, grass residences have in place a full and complete power backup system, capable of serving all units in this facility. Grass Residences are environmentally friendly hence strive to ensure that there is no pollution by having in place a well and fully function garbage collection area which is centralized. In the case of a fire outbreak, there are well-fitted fire extinguishers as well as several fire exits and an operational fire alarm system. There are spacious rooms at the clubhouse where you can hold functions, events, occasions and parties. Onsite, there is a large adult swimming pool in which you can relax after a tiresome work schedule, kids play area as well as a kids pool where children can enjoy themselves. A gym is also in place for those who love working out in a bid to maintain their fit and healthy lifestyles. Onsite, there is a basketball court and a badminton court. These features make grass residences a luxurious destination for leisure activities.

The beauty within grass residences is awesome. This alone can make you relax outside the premises rather than spend the day indoors. Having in mind that there is a big swimming pool with a size as large as an Olympique one, you are guaranteed of a nice swimming experience since this pool cannot get overcrowded.  There is a kid`s pool as well, which simply means that the kids are also considered at the grass residences.

There is a playground area which kids can utilize as well. For adults who love other activities such as playing basketball, there is a basketball court in place for them and a badminton court for those who prefer playing badminton as their leisure activity. Grass residences cater for physical exercise enthusiasts by proving a gym, meant to improve their physical fitness as well as their healthy lifestyle.

The spacious rooms at the grass residences are big enough for events which make it convenient for anyone who would wish to throw a party you can as well hold a closed-door meeting or even organize a family occasion. Grass Residences have a mall with all characteristics in place, which means you can simply go shopping or else window shop. There is room for accommodation with the exact number of bedrooms you would wish for. The rooms are fully furnished, and the décor is one you cannot resist. There are kitchens and bathrooms in place, ensuring a splendid stay at the grass residences. Grass Residences location is well accessible to and from other locations, making it possible for you to visit the various offsite establishments within grass residences` vicinity. There are offsite establishments within grass residences which you may prefer to visit.

Some of the establishments include the Ateneo De Manila University. This is a learning institution where you can visit get an insight on how studying takes place here. There is the Philippine science high school where you can opt to visit as well and get to know more about the institution. By the end of the day, one may even decide to take your kids there due to the well-offered education service. Some few blocks from the grass residences stand the Quezon Memorial Circle. This is a place that might interest you while at the Grass Residences.

A brief visit to the Memorial Circle will help you understand the establishment that lies beyond the grass residences. There are various medical establishments you can visit. They include the national kidney institute, as well as the Philippine Heart Center. Here you can learn more about the human body and get informed on the various practices you can engage in, to keep your body healthy and free from diseases. You can as well take a walk to the ABS-CBN network or the GMA network and learn more about film production, including the various stages one has to go through so as to come up with a perfect film that will capture the audience`s attention. This happens to be vital knowledge since the world today is chroming with a lot of film productions making it paramount to understand how this comes into being.


Grass Residences is a convenient place to all its residents as it brings out beautiful designs of highly rated amenities as well as the project management team makes sure that they are providing a hundred percent security to the inhabitants of the apartment. The CCTV are strategically placed at the apartment, entrances as well as the lobbies sectors. Therefore, the individuals worry less concerning security issues since the security offered is tight and well monitored. Another important feature at Grass Residences is the presence of monitored alarm systems that are installed in every unit in the apartment. The alarm systems are important because they alert the residents as well as the authorities in a case of house break-ins.  Wow! How great is that? A hundred percent security at your home! Purchase a condo unit at the Grass Residences to upgrade your lifestyle standards regarding your security and convenience. To avoid residents’ commotion in the vicinity, there are more than one elevators in each building.

Within the apartment, there are also automatic sprinklers systems placed at strategic areas. The sprinkler systems are of great value because they are one of the effective methods of fighting fire outbreaks in its early stages. Therefore, the individuals have assured hundred percent protection from any fire outbreaks that may lead to severe injuries and harm peoples’ valuable properties. Also, there are fire exits for the residents which they can use when the automatic fire sprinklers are fighting down fire outbreaks.

The project management team of the apartment offer good electric power for its residents. The electric power available bear all kinds of electronics that the inhabitants can possess in their homes. In a case of power loss, there a standby generator which is there for backup power to the inhabitants as well as to the commercial area. Hence, the residents are offered a chance to enjoy a twenty-four-hour electric power in their condo units. The project management team makes sure that the standby generator is maintained.

At Grass Residences, there is there is plenty water supply to all the condo units. The towers are installed with sewer treatment plant as well as a centralized cistern tank that supplies enough water to the condo units. The individuals worry less concerning the presence of plenty water in the vicinity because the water will always be there throughout the day even after involving themselves in heavy cleaning at home.

All the condo units at Grass Residences are installed with cables and telephone. The homeowners find it easy and convenient to talk with the landlord of the apartment in the case where they want assistance concerning their condo units. All the residents are given specific telephone numbers which they use to reach out the project management team. The telephone in the condo units is beneficial to those with no mobile phones to communicate with their friends as well as loved ones.
Grass Residences has luxurious five-star amenities with a hotel type lifestyle for all the inhabitants. The residents get to enjoy great urban life at its best. The great five-star amenities are built at strategic places at the building. Grass Residences tend to find pride in its prominent swimming pool where the residents refresh themselves and take a deep dive. There are various outdoor space lounges and the walk of fame that offers an individual a moment in the spotlight.

  • 6 Taraflex Badminton Courts
  • Covered Basketball Court
  • Fitness Gym
  • Jogging Paths
  • Children's Play Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Pavilions and Cabanas
  • Main Pavilion with Function Rooms
  • Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • Adult Pools
  • Kiddie Pools
  • Water Cascades
  • Six (6) elevators (Tower 1)
  • Four (4) elevators (Towers 2 & 3)
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Back-Up Power System
  • Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System
  • Centralized Mailroom System
  • Centralized Garbage Collection and Disposal System
  • CCTV System
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Advantages of being at Grass Residences

Being at the Grass Residences is advantageous since this facility is in the city. Grass Residences` location is well situated for accessibility to and from different locations. The residences offer accommodation making this advantageous since you don’t have to worry about leaving when it gets dark. There are fully furnished spacious rooms which are decorated and fitted with kitchens and bathrooms making a night at this place enjoyable.

Grass Residences run on a twenty-four-hour basis. There is a well-equipped cardiovascular section which also includes weights. This mall has everything you need making it easy for you to do some shopping. Unlike other facilities, Grass Residences have power backup plan system in case of power failure. This makes it advantageous for residents here since their activities don’t have to come to a halt due to power failure. Grass residence is a haven from home with various amenities such as an Olympique size swimming pool making the swimming experience awesome; kids playground as well as an adult`s playground with a basketball court and a badminton court. All these amenities suit some of the leisure activities most people love. Security at Grass Residences is guaranteed since there is a ten feet perimeter wall enclosing the premises keeping intruders at bay.

Grass Residences provides a calm environment where you can hold a business meeting; there are enough rooms as well as a resort which guarantees food availability. For those who go on drinking sprees, grass residences are the place to be while in Quezon. The availability of the restaurant and a resort provides you with a wide range of drinks to choose from. The advantage of being at grass residences is that laundry services are available, with washing and drying units in the rooms. There are many activities you can do at Grass Residences as well as offsite activities within the mall.

Grass Residences` vicinity has establishments which suit residents at Grass Residences. Some of these establishments include educational institutions, medical centers, and commercial business centers. These establishments majorly suit Grass Residences location since the proximity of a school and medical center being close assures you that you won’t be needed to go far, in search of this amenities. Examples of these include the Ateneo De Manila University and the Philippine science high school. Medical centers around include the East Avenue Medical Center and the national kidney institute. Grass Residences are situated in the City making it easily accessible to all people, including foreigners. Adequate parking space is available, making it advantageous since most people drive. 

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